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The good news is that as all of our apartments are located downtown in Reykjavik, you’ll find most of the city highlights at a walking distance. See what’s close:

Closest landmarks

Grocery,  Supermarkets & Shopping

Taxi and buses

BSR taxi station (recommended)

Hreyfill taxi station

BSÍ buses for longer trips 

Strætó yellow daily buses

Closest airports


  • Do:
  • Use good judgement when exploring
  • Take a road trip
  • Be prepared to change plans
  • Be aware of what the daylight hours will be during  your trip
  • Pack your bathing suit
  • Consider doing a farm stay
  • Spend some time with local animals
  • Come prepared for higher prices
  • Be aware of your impact on Icelandic nature and society
  • Don’t:
  • Drive off-road
  • Stop in the road to take pictures
  • Overschedule your trip
  • Forget to pack weather-appropriate clothing
  • Forget to take a shower before entering the pools
  • Wait too long to book accommodation
  • Buy bottled water
  • Be afraid of the Icelandic cuisine
  • Buy touristy souvenirs

Before you travel outside of Reykjavík, please check the weather forecast website before and also the openness of roads.